Beginners' Courses

We are always pleased to see new people. If you have never fenced before or you are returning after a break, our 6 week courses give you the opportunity to learn the basics safely and fence against a range of different standards in a welcoming atmosphere.  The cost of the course is £80 per person and includes the hire of kit for the 6weeks. 

The next beginners' course is scheduled to start: 

All ages course January 10th 2024

The Coach

Our Coach, Will Miller, is an extremely experienced Fencer and Coach.

He is fully qualified to teach Epee (level 3) and Foil (level 2) and regularly runs both lessons for beginners at our club as well as 1-1 sessions with all levels and abilities of fencer. (1-1 sessions are available at no extra cost to all members of the club.)

Previously, Will has fought for the Great Britain veterans team twice in international competitions and was in the UK top 50 rankings (across all age groups) in 2016. 

Will contributed to a book on competitive epee available from Leon Paul.

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