New to Fencing?

The club looks to introduce the sport of fencing to beginners. We do this initially through a six week Beginners' Course that is followed by regular 1 to 1 tuition with our coach.

The Club is able to loan equipment to beginners free of charge for the length of the beginners course so you do not need to invest in anything other than socks and sports shoes until you are sure that the sport is for you.

After this period we can loan you kit for a small fee before having the option to buy the kit from the club at reduced rates or go and buy your own kit.

Fencing is great for fitness, stress relief (!), and mental agility… it is like playing chess at lightning speed! It suits all ages and makes no distinction between gender, age or physical size.

Our Club fences Epee: the original duelling weapon where whoever hits first wins the point. We consider Epee fencing to be the purest form of Fencing there is, although we are obviously biased. We use electrical equipment to register hits so there is no requirement for a match referee and no arguments.

Fencing sessions at the Club are good exercise, competitive and fun. We are very much a social club, but do hold internal competitions geared to suit fencers of all abilities.

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