New to Fencing?

The club maintains loan kit that is made available as a priority to beginners on taught courses. Club members are welcome to use club kit as long as all beginners are equipped first.

Don't worry about equipping yourself until the end of a beginners' course, although a pair of court shoes (badminton/handball/volleyball) are useful. For epee fencing: a flat sole is best for maintaining grip. There are a number of equipment suppliers in the UK that supply fencing apparel and weapon at various price points. We suggest you try the club kit to get a feel for what you find comfortable.

Fencing is great for fitness, stress relief (!), and mental agility… it is like playing chess at lightning speed! It suits all ages and makes no distinction between gender, age or physical size.

Our Club fights Epee: the original dueling weapon where whoever hits first wins the point. Epee fencing is the purest form of Fencing there is, although we may be biased. We use electrical equipment to register hits so there is no requirement for a match referee and no arguments. Usually. Fencing sessions at the Club are very time efficient and above all: fun. We are very much a social club, but do have internal handicapped competitions so anyone can win the tiny blue plaque at the end of each term.

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