Training Programme

As we prepare to restart fencing we need to consider the impact such an intensive sport will have on us after a long rest. In order not to suffer we should look to improve our fitness and strength before the restart. With this in mind we have asked professional performance coach, Jason Gaché, to help us with two videos that show how we can train at home.

Jason’s video ‘Entry level’ video and ‘Stage 2’ video for those that are fitter can be found below.

So we can understand who Jason is I have included his pen portrait below:

"I pride myself in being one of the UK’s leading performance coaches. With over 25 years’ experience I am still as passionate about health and fitness as I was when I started my training aged 17, as the first fitness apprentice in the UK.

Fitness is in my blood which has spurred my desire to continuously expand my knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness sector. With a career spanning over two decades I have provided personal training, managed health clubs (owning and running three of my own) and featured in numerous British publications.

My personal training methods and programmes are unique and tailored to the individual and their chosen sport. I have worked extensively with sporting professionals as well as newcomers to fitness training.

It’s paramount to me that every session with a client is an engaging and effective experience, delivering fast and noticeable results. I’m all about results! - which means that yours matter to me as much as they do to you."

Jason offers membership to online fitness classes via:

and can be contacted for personal training via:

or by email to

core strength & stability entry level JG.mp4

Jason Gaché: Core Strength and Stability I (Entry Level)

core strength & stability stage II JG.mp4

Jason Gaché: Core Strength and Stability II